More than a logo, a home.

Excelsior University
Logo, messaging, identity guidelines

photo of woman in scrubs w Excelsior logomark

Welcome to your lifelong, upskilling home. You’re right to expect more from your online experience. At Excelsior, we’re career problem-solvers. …

The power of connections

Bridgewater College
Branding, communications portfolio, website

The Bridgewater College logo.

Connected Learning, Connected Lives. At Bridgewater, we believe that the great possibilities in life are realized in what we build …

Strong as the pine trees

Northern Arizona University Alumni Association
Alumni magazine

Woman in AZ landscape with NAU flag–Reconnecting with NAU

Thinking Bigger

Duquesne University
Branding and messaging

silhouette of woman – You have big plans. We do too.

The future we make—together

Northeastern University
Campaign identity, creative concept, microsite

Experience Powered by Northeastern with modern architecture and pattern

Powerfully engaging creative Campaign Manifesto Experience—the ethos of Northeastern—is a transformational force. It’s a tool for tapping into inspiration, a …

For the benefit of the world

Brigham Young University
Branding, messaging, ad campaign

For the benefit of the world: young doc w stethescope and child

Message Translations At the BYU McKay School of Education, our inspiration is Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. We educate for …

From the ground up

McHenry County College – Center for Agrarian Learning
Messaging, logo, print

CAL Center for Agrarian Learning logo and photo of veggies

Core message Food is central to our well-being, our environment, and our sense of community. Food is also serious business. …

From Strength to Strength

Operation Homefront
Philanthropic messaging, themeline, visual identity, creative concepts

OH United We Stand logo

A new medical school goes big

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine
Branding, communications portfolio, strategic rollout

Female doctor: The docotr you want to be and more.

A new medical school for the kind of doctor you always wanted to be. And for the kind of doctor …

Actually … you can hold teenagers’ attention

Society of Actuaries
Marketing strategy, creative concept, animation, copywriting

young man holding basketball, clapping hands graphic