Thinking Bigger

Duquesne University
Branding and messaging

silhouette of woman – You have big plans. We do too.

The Challenge

Duquesne University, the only Spiritan Catholic university in the United States, had an impressive and growing roster of professional-oriented programs and a research enterprise that punched far above its weight. It was a respected and sought-​after partner for health, education, and economic development in surrounding neighborhoods. But it lived in a crowded marketplace, and awareness wasn’t where it should have been, especially given that Duquesne had been a Pittsburgh mainstay since 1878.

The Impact

Extensive research with more than 4,300 people—prospects, high school counselors, alumni, and Pittsburgh-area residents—led us to the big idea, “It’s Time for Bigger Goals.” Duquesne now positions itself as an ambitious institution empowering every stakeholder to think more expansively. They’re launching a medical school and an engineering program, managing a transformational gift to the law school, privately raising over $300M, and experiencing three straight years of enrollment growth. Now, that’s a big idea that inspires.

Project components

  • Brand research
  • Positioning statement
  • Messaging
  • Creative concept
  • Brand guide
Brand guide – social media on mobile
video concept: Duquesne gate photo
video concept: Duquesne gate silhouette
video concept: young woman with afro photo
video concept: young woman with afro silhouette
Brand guide