A rebranding takes flight

Saint Peter’s University
Enrollment campaign, brand development

young woman with Peacocks graphic in background and Graphis Award seal

The Challenge

In March 2022, the St. Peter’s University Peacocks men’s basketball team completed the greatest Cinderella run in tournament history. The international spotlight shined bright, momentum was building, and the world wanted to know more. Yes& Lipman Hearne’s challenge was to harness that momentum into a university rebranding effort that distanced itself from the “scrappy underdog” perception to something more accurate.

The Impact

What St. Peter’s needed was a brand story. A big idea that reflects the people that make this university special: When Peacocks fly, they lift up everybody. Our foundational brand work and the urban campus location inspired the campaign: The world needs more Peacocks. Like the culture at St. Peter’s, the visual design is student-centered, highlighting the spark, strength, and diversity of individual Peacocks.

Project components

  • Creative concept
  • Campaign Identity
  • Campaign brand guide
  • Brand narrative
  • Messaging
  • Original photography
  • Original video/broadcast
  • Radio

Brand Narrative

When Peacocks fly, they lift up everbody.
Student - male
Much more than the Sixth Borough.
Student - female
We look like the world—and feel like home.
Student - female
Our professors are Peacocks, too.
Student - male
An education that's the total package.
Student - female

Yes& Lipman Hearne listened, asked the right questions, and discovered the best way to communicate what makes this university special.

Sarah Malinowski Ferrary
Assistant Vice President for University Communications, Office of University Communications
The World Needs More Peacocks graphic
Campaign brand guide pages
Woman carrying Peacocks tote bag
The World Needs More Peacocks t-shirt
The World Needs More Peacocks bumper sticker
The World Needs More Peacocks phone case
cute baby in The World Needs More Peacocks onesie
The World Needs More Peacocks mug
The World Needs More Peacocks water bottle
Subway car with Peacocks ad
side-by-side billboards
bus wrap with peacock mascot
airport sign
two friends
video frame - basketball
video frame - male with You Can Be a Peacock Too
young woman
School building with graphic
video frame - males in cafeteria laughing
basketball players - victory euphoria
viewbook cover
Viewbook spread: Your Education is the Total Package
viewbook spread: Join Us
viewbook spread: The Stem World Needs You