Unabashedly analytical

Simon Business School—University of Rochester
Research, branding, viewbook, website

Two people facing each other. Image text as if they are conversing: Now I tell stories with numbers. Now I see data differently.

The Challenge

Simon has a longstanding reputation as a quant school—unusual within its U.S. News tier. It has one of the most diverse, collegial student communities of any business school. And students say they graduate feeling focused and confident about their goals. Could we find a core idea that would revitalize Simon’s storytelling and link all of its strengths into a compelling, unified offer? Yes.

The Impact

Our idea of “clarity” became the cornerstone for Simon. It was incorporated into the mission, vision, and values that we wrote for them, and drove all brand communications. The School enjoyed some of its largest gains ever in the overall rankings and was named Poets & Quants’ 2018 MBA Program of the Year.

Project components

  • Research
  • Core brand: mission, vision, values
  • Brand idea/narrative
  • Messaging
  • Marketing plan
  • Viewbook
  • Website design
  • Email templates
  • Digital media campaign
  • Brand training
Brochure cover. Headline says see through.
Brochure spread.
Brochure spread.
Now I tell stories with numbers.
Life Lessons.
An Asian man at the front of a classroom.



Brochure cover. See sharper.
Brochure interior. See sharper.
Do more with numbers than crunch them. Brochure spread.
Brochure spread. Portraits of business people.
Brochure spread with charts and statistics, too small to read.
Photo of two women studying in a coffee shop.

Four guiding principles

Seek clarity.
Invest in relationships.
Embrace diversity.
Make an impact.

A new level of clarity, text on a tee shirt.
See yourself grow.
See the story more clearly.
See. Text treatment.
Clarity. Type treatment.