A compelling advantage

Notre Dame University Mendoza College of Business
Brand and enrollment campaign, advertising

The Challenge

Notre Dame’s business school had ambitious plans: launching several new programs in the highly competitive Chicagoland market, expanding enrollment in its South Bend–based MBA and MS programs, and building overall reputational awareness. Our big idea, Legendary Advantage, capitalized both on Notre Dame as a global brand and on the well-known power of its alumni network. We also created a recurring headline, NOTRE DAME BUSINESS, to build greater recognition and equity across all of its growing number of programs and to emphasize that there is a Notre Dame business program for all career stages.

The Impact

The brand campaign ran across all programs and channels—including environmental advertising in two major Chicago train stations—and became the basis for a completely revamped website. Personas and messaging for each program made more targeted marketing possible. We also filmed more than 15 short interviews with Notre Dame faculty, students, and alumni for use in digital advertising and social media. Application inquiries across programs increased 45 percent.

Project components

  • Messaging
  • Personas
  • Campaign tagline
  • Digital advertising: banners/native content
  • Social media
  • Website and landing pages
  • Copywriting
  • Video
Legendary Advantage
Notre Dame Business Legendary Advantage logomark
3 Logomarks. Notre Dame Business: The Executive MBA, MS in Mangement, and MS in Finance
Mendoza College of Business home page on laptop with photo of woman in suit in front of Santa Fe building

Core Message

Alumni ad in magazine: Man with logogram: amphersand with Welcome to Our Network
2 alumni ads: Woman with pound symbol and Staying Power Beyond the Buzz; Man with triangle symobol and Uncertainty, Meet Courage
Young woman w umbrella sitting at bus stop by ND Mendoza Grow Your Market Share sign
Bus shelter: ND Staying Power Beyond the Buzz
Bus shelter on busy street: ND Welcome to Our Network

ND clover icon ad
Panorama of Train station take-over. Creative with icon graphics. Turn the corner in your career.
Crowded train station. Sign: Turn the corner in your career.
Train station illuminated signs by tracks: Everything you need to build a powerful network.