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Campaign identity, creative concept, microsite

Experience Powered by Northeastern with modern architecture and pattern

Powerfully engaging creative

The university that put experiential learning on the map is now decidedly at home in the future—inclusively leading communities around the world in vital explorations of fast-evolving questions, preparing action-oriented problem-solvers, and fast-tracking solutions. The campaign identity system and extended visual vocabulary invite audiences to participate in the lively process of making meaning. Launched in a rolling series of activation events across Northeastern’s global 13-campus system, the campaign is on track to raise $1.3 billion.

Project components

  • Campaign positioning
  • Anthem
  • Messages
  • Name and themeline
  • Campaign identity
  • Creative concept
  • Microsite
  • Style guide
Experience - Powered by Northeastern logo on black background
Alphabet in custom outlined font
Experience - Powered by Northeastern logo
Experience Breakthroughs Powered by Innovationa and Research
Stage - Experience Powered by Northeastern

Campaign Manifesto

Experience—the ethos of Northeastern—is a transformational force. It’s a tool for tapping into inspiration, a way of seeking more, better, next. It’s how Northeastern has shaped the way people learn and work for more than 100 years. And it’s how we’re creating a better world right now.

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Cover of Graduate and Postdoc Fellowships viewbook
Campaign brochure cover

When you are working in the gray, Lipman Hearne brings everything into full color.

Carolyn Jasinski
Executive Director of Leadership Relations & Advancement Initiatives, Northeastern University
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