Elevating the conversation

Northern Arizona University
Brand and enrollment campaign, media, communications portfolio, digital, print

Bring Your Aspirations, shows an image NAU's deep-sky telescope.

The Challenge

Northern Arizona University, nestled on a campus in the beautiful mountain town of Flagstaff, has long been known for excellent teaching and strong programs in the environmental sciences. But NAU was struggling in an increasingly competitive marketplace: both out-of-state institutions and in-state public universities were becoming more aggressive in their recruiting efforts. The University engaged Lipman Hearne to help reverse a five-year trend in declining enrollment, raise awareness about NAU’s statewide presence, build internal pride, engage alumni and influencers, and take control of the NAU narrative.

The Impact

Total enrollment grew 7 percent, online enrollment grew 9 percent, and undergraduate enrollment grew 7.7 percent.

Project components

  • Campaign theme
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging platform
  • Out-of-home advertising
  • Graphic identity
  • Style guide
  • Radio
  • Microsite
  • Viewbook
  • Alumni magazine
  • Media buying
  • Video
Website screenshot, shows students in a forest. Text: Bring your aspirations.
3 phones showing Bring Your Aspirations site
Wider view of Bring Your Aspirations website.
Wider view of Bring Your Aspirations website.
A woman and a man gaze eagerly up a sheer cliff face.
We opened a lab in the arctic.
We hold class on the Colorado Plateau.
Student walking on campus.
We have the shortest path to your justice studies degree.
R N to B S N with N A U. All online.
We are the number one online college in the nation.
A student looks at a computer screen while an instructor encourages.
Bring your aspirations.
Anything is possible.
Your best life begins here. Brochure spread.
Go for it. Brochure spread.