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Kansas State University Foundation
Institutional website

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The Challenge

KSU Foundation—Kansas State University’s strategic philanthropic partner—prides itself in being one of the most efficient, effective ­institutionally related foundations in the country. However, their website was passive and informational, and wasn’t reflecting the brand or their innovative fundraising approach. We partnered with the Foundation on a website redesign aimed at facilitating gifts, showcasing their brand, and delivering personalized, compelling giving opportunities to all donors.

The Impact

The redesigned KSU Foundation website (ksufoundation.org) is a refreshed articulation of the Foundation’s identity, and principles. The new page designs and site navigation help users intuitively find gift-giving opportunities and designations to give online. With an updated site analytics plan and the ability to now capture users’ interests, the site also supports a more personalized experience for donors.

Project components

  • Institutional website
  • Digital strategy and IA
  • Content and personalization strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • WordPress development
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KSUF website detail: home page top
KSUF website detail: home page bottom
KSUF website on phones: Home, Give, summary, and Who we are
Laptop: KSUF website-How to give
Laptop: KSUF website-The future of arts and sciences
Laptop: KSUF website-Funding summary
Laptop: KSUF website-Global food security
KSUF website on iPad: Who we are and Invest
KSUF website on iPad: Hunger solution and funding summary