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Columbia Mailman School of Public Health
Campaign branding

Public Health is Everything brochure cover

The Challenge

In 2021, when Columbia Mailman School of Public Health was approaching its centennial year, it faced an unusual situation: public health had gone from a relatively niche interest to a global obsession, with mentions flooding the news, ads, billboards, social channels, and dinner table (or Zoom) discussions. How to stand out—without taking ­attention from important pandemic containment messages?

The Impact

Lipman Hearne built a visual identity, campaign idea, messaging system, and communications portfolio around the simple statement Public Health is Everything. The campaign, directed at the School’s global base of alumni and friends, placed the School and its work at the center of every conversation about what matters in our lives, from infectious disease to climate crises to reproductive health to a safe and nutritious food supply. Communications signaled to alumni and colleagues that their work was worthy of celebration—and investment.

Project components

  • Strategy
  • Centennial theme and messaging
  • Logo and visual treatment
  • Donor and leadership presentation
  • Social media toolkit
  • Print folio and inserts
  • Email template
  • Direct mail package

Logo build. Public Health is: 1. Safer Commutes and 2: Thriving at All Ages
Logo build. Public Health is: 1. A Habitable Climate 2. Social Justice
Logo build. Public Health is: 1. Reduced Gun Violence 2. Global Teamwork
Logo build. Public Health is: 1. Undoing Health Disparities  2. Everything

Public health involves everyone, everywhere. It’s everything that makes life longer, healthier,and better for millions around the world.And it’s up to all of us to move the needleon metrics that matter.

At Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, we do this by gathering and producing scientific evidence about whatworks in communities across the globe,and by keeping decision-makers informedas our knowledge grows. Our supporters fuel new research and help future generationsof public health leaders gain outstanding expertise. At this 100-year milestone, we havemore opportunity than ever to create a healthy and just world—with you.

Full Public Health is Everything campaign logo
Simplified Public Health is Everything campaign logos
Folder cover (Public Health is Everything)
Folder interior with pocket and inserts
Social media examples
Direct mail package
PPT template
Animated gif of Public Health is Everything logo