Harnessing star power

Campaign branding, communications portfolio, microsite, e-magazine

Young woman holds up her hand in a V for Victory sign, superimposed over the acronym HIV

The Challenge

To capture the importance and ambition of Caltech’s $2 billion campaign, we focused on the Institute’s special culture of curiosity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and intellectual freedom, beginning with a bold positioning statement and corresponding messaging. We created the campaign name and identity system: Break Through: The Caltech Campaign. The campaign brand contains an imperative and a rallying cry, asking donors to take the courageous risks that lead to stunning discoveries. We took some risks, too. We focused on Caltech’s people—few in number, massive in world-changing impact.

The Impact

Caltech closed its campaign having raised $3.4 billion—170 percent of the original $2 billion goal, empowering Caltech scientists and engineers to push the boundaries of science and technology toward a brighter future for all.

Project components

  • Name/theme
  • Logo/visual identity
  • Message platform
  • Brochure
  • FAQ sheets
  • Proposal template
  • Website
  • Digital magazine
  • Style guide
Portrait of two men. One, middle aged, looks confidently at the camera. The younger Asian man adjusts his glasses.
Breakthrough: The Caltech Campaign. Brochure cover.
Young woman holds up her hand in a V for Victory sign, superimposed over the acronym HIV
The brain trust. Photo of a multi-ethnic, age varied group of women and men scientists.
Transformative energies. A white man gesturing as if to indicate something very small.
Middle aged white man in an oxford shirt and patagonia vest.
Website screenshot. Hero region shows portraits of Caltech students and instructors.
Mobile views of website.
Two middle-aged white people, one man and one woman, looking confident.
Website screenshot. Colorful illustration of someone wall climbing.
Website screenshot. Line art illustration suggesting a lab environment.