A new sense of purpose

AARP Foundation
Communications portfolio, creative concept, messaging

orange and red graphic with swoops: Working With Struggling Americans 50+ to Win Back Opportunity

The Challenge

When Jo Ann Jenkins became head of the AARP Foundation, she wanted to reposition the organization as a powerful national advocate and collaborative, grassroots-based partner. Lipman Hearne created a new communications portfolio for multiple audiences: the corporate sector, policymakers and thought leaders, philanthropists, and the general public.

The Impact

Our work centered on the idea of re-extending opportunity to “the good providers”—people 50 and older who needed to get back on track after being hit by economic forces beyond their control. The work helped the Foundation gain a higher public profile, invigorate staff, and increase its donor pool from 800,000 donors to two million donors in less than 18 months.

Project components

  • Positioning strategy
  • Messaging—external/internal audiences
  • Visual identity
  • Landing page
  • Brand story brochure
  • Brand guide
  • Conference video
  • Communications for Financial Literacy and Tax-Aide programs
  • Posters
  • Environmental design
  • Multi-platform advertising
Brand essance brochure cover: Winning back opportunity for struggling Americans 50+
Brand essance brochure spread - row of diverse seniors in profile
Brand essance brochure spread - stable income
5 hands holding up lanyards with AARP ID cards

Message brochure cover - We Are What We Do
Message brochure spread - Working with Struggling Americans 50+ to Win Back Opportunity
Message brochure spread - We Are Shoulder to Shoulder
woman on laptop with cat on desk looking at her
Ad: We're in this together
Ad: How can you be a good provider when you're in crisis yourself?