Countdown to Giving Day

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Whether you plan to participate in Giving Tuesday or choose a different day in what’s left of the calendar year, Giving Day is an opportunity to rally your community to make (and celebrate!) a massive collective impact. There are a lot of moving parts, and time flies—so we thought this planning checklist would come in handy.

  1. What stories do you want your audiences to learn about or be reminded of on Giving Day? What ideas about your brand do you want to emphasize on this day?
  2. How will you use social media? Which channels are you seeing the most activity on, and where are potential Giving Day audiences most likely to see, repost, and participate? How much time and budget are you prepared to devote to creating and promoting content?
  3. How many vehicles will you use to prep, solicit, and steward your audiences? How will you use direct mail, emails, text messages, newsletters, your website, and other owned media?
  4. How visible will Giving Day be on campus? Where and when will it be visible? Who can be enlisted to play a role—and what support do they need? Can student clubs, athletes, and affinity groups be given specific tasks? How will you capture and share on-campus moments with alums and others who are off campus?
  5. What sort of digital and IRL swag will you create to boost visibility and thank participants?
  6. Do you have major donors who can be approached to make matching gift challenges? What outcomes matter to those donors—and what are you prepared to do to support those outcomes?
  7. How will you thank donors—collectively and as individuals?

Want an outside perspective? We’d love to jump into a brainstorm with you; feel free to reach out to us at!

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