Your Biggest Source of Enrollment Potential: Adult Learners

Operation ReEngage - woman at computer

Thirty-six million adults in the U.S. have some college credit but no degree. And each year, thousands of students apply and are admitted to college but never take a course.

Operation ReEngage is the proven, comprehensive approach to reaching these audiences.

Operation ReEngage is a collaboration between Lipman Hearne and myFootpath. That means when you partner with us on Operation ReEngage, you’re getting the benefit of more than 20 years of combined deep expertise in recruiting and reenrolling adult online students and reducing the barriers they face on the path to degree completion.

Our no-risk, tuition-share structure enables you to quickly deploy Operation ReEngage resources—and see tangible net revenue gains in a short period of time. Here’s how:

  • We provide you with in‐depth data analysis and management your own historic recruitment data to build a robust reengagement, re-recruitment, and re-enrollment list specific to your institution.
  • We create a highly targeted, segmented, and customized communications plan.
  • We staff your project with specially trained and dedicated staff who know how to counsel and coach adult students.
  • We collaborate with you to build in-house capacity so we can hand over Operation ReEngage to your internal team at the conclusion of our relatively short contract period.

Make the most of the enormous reengagement and net revenue potential at your institution. Let’s get to work.

Download College Reengagement: Strategies for Success, a white paper developed by the National Digital Roundtable
Download a case study demonstrating the impact of Operation ReEngage for one of our clients